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Puddles shrimp food is BACK! New variety


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Please see my sponsor forum for purchasing and shipping information. I am posting here just to get the word out that my shrimp food is now available!


I am back after a long layoff. But I am back with a bang, all foods are back as well as a powdered food that is designed to strengthen and increase growth in shrimplets. As always my food is 100% organic and made painstakingly by hand.


I've never liked sending money to foreign shrimp food companies for food that could be made domestically by people who really care about what they are giving their shrimp. Most of the food we buy is really a mystery, it has claims as to what it does but you never know the actual ingredients. I come right out and tell you every ingredient because I want you to be able to make informed decisions about what to give your important shrimp.


This food is difficult and time consuming to make, but is worth it to me because I think it can really benefit our community. It’s really a labor of love, and I hope it works as well for you as it does for me and others who have tried it.


I have 5 food varieties right now: Veggie Gold, Fresh Carrot, Kelp Plus, Natural Calcium, and Shrimplet Power Powder. Bee's Knees is on hold right now as I find a new bee pollen source but will be back soon. Veggie Gold is an everyday food, while the others contain ingredients geared towards one or more aspects of shrimp nutrition.


All food comes in sealed foil bags with resealable ziplock tops. 20 grams of food is approximately 100 pcs (I always go over).


Price for each food is:

10 grams for $6

20 grams for $10

40 grams for $18


Shrimplet Powder: $10 for 1 ounce



Some general pictures:











Veggie Gold


Veggie Gold is a complete nutrition that can be fed to your shrimp every day. It provides total nutrition for your shrimps to thrive and breed. It contains 18 ingredients that were chosen to complement each other and provide a staple diet, including premium ingredients such as bee pollen and montmorilite clay. It contains high overall levels of vitamins and minerals and promotes excellent growth and coloration.



Soy beans, sweet peas, spirulina, decapsulated brine shrimp eggs, kelp, cauliflower, rainbow chard, Montmorillite, brewers yeast, broccoli, kale, barley grass, spinach, arugula, alfalfa leaf, stinging nettle leaf, bell pepper, bee pollen











You’ll notice in the ingredient lists below that each one contains a vitamin mix. This vitamin mix is a veggie blend with some added vitamins to ensure that even while you feed your shrimp specific foods to enhance color or shell growth or something else, they are still getting the overall nutrients they need. 


Alfalfa leaf, barley grass, brewers yeast, gingko biloba, stinging nettles, vitamin C, and a veggie blend.




Natural Calcium


            Natural Calcium promotes shell growth and reduces complications during molting. It is completely natural calcium from vegetables that are super high in calcium -- these veggies have more calcium per ounce than cow's milk! Everyone knows our shrimp require calcium for optimal shell growth and to prevent molting issues. Many food companies make a calcium heavy food for this reason, but use lesser ingredients and then add powdered calcium to it. I disagree with that method, and have crafted a food using the highest calcium vegetables there are. Why use powdered chemical calcium when you can use all natural, organic vegetables to get better nutrition?




Collard greens, kale, parsley, vitamin mix







Fresh Carrot


            Fresh Carrot is a blend of carrots and paprika that provides a big boost of vitamin A and beta carotenes to improve color. Beta carotenes can improve the red, orange, and yellow coloration in shrimp. If your fire reds aren't so fiery your your Crystal Reds aren't so red, give them a carrot boost!


Ingredients: Carrot (including greens), paprika, soy beans, vitamin mix





Kelp Plus


            Kelp Plus is a kelp (seaweed) based food with some mineral and nutritional supplements. The kelp used here grows along the Pacific coast. Kelp contains over 70 vitamins and minerals, and I add a bit of montmorillonite for even more minerals. This food is an all around vitamin and mineral booster. I think of it like one of us taking a multivitamin and give it to my shrimp pretty often.



Kelp, spinach, montmorillonite, vitamin mix






Shrimplet Power Powder


Shrimplet Power Powder is a powdered food designed to help shrimplets survive their early stages grow quickly. It is high in protein and gives a boost of vitamins to help them thrive. 1 ounce is a huge amount of food and will last you for a very long time.


Ingredients: Brewer's Yeast, Kelp, Montmorillonite, Soy Bean, Vitamin Boost, Barley Grass, Nettles






Feel free to ask any questions about the food, how I make it, or anything else that comes to mind!


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I'd say it's vanishingly unlikely that any of your shrimp are also allergic to soy. I would have to do a little research to see if invertebrates could even have allergies - pretty sure their immune system doesn't work like that.

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*bonks you on the head*

Listen to that speech. I didn't. I wound up with six weeks of bronchitis last winter. When I finally went to an allergist, I was allergic to EVERYTHING. They make me carry an epipen now, they're just so worried I'll have a weird reaction to something random.

Feed your shrimp some peas instead. Maybe Puddles can help you put together an alternative. And wear gloves if you're going to handle soy products!

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Yeah, I know, I have bad allergies to foods and environmental, so I have been given that speech a million times.

The sass is strong with this one LOL yeah but what chibi said is true. Green peas and mung beans are high protein.

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