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80F tank shrimp suggestions?

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So I have (2) 20T tanks that I'd like to keep at a higher temperature of 80F or so.


Suggestions on what shrimp to keep in those tanks at that temp?


Thinking the possibility of sulawesi.  My Malawas do great in those conditions. 


I figure I can raise ph if needed with cichlid substrate.




I'm thinking Blue Leg Poso, but since I selectively breed I need to offload the healthy shrimp that don't meet my criteria.  Is there any want for posos?


Other suggestions?

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Why do you want a tank that warm if you're not sure what shrimp will even go in it?


edit: haha sorry fi that sounds rude I don't mean it that way at all. Just curious, seems like you want a warm tank just for the sake of a warm tank? Or are there genetic modification factors?

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LOL  I was wondering if someone would ask that Puddles. :)


My 20T and above tanks seem to hold heat pretty well regardless of external temperature, and with my shrimp room being poorly insulated the heater in a tenner turns on constantly.


So why heat it in the first place?  because it works well for that, and I already have a bunch of unheated tenners. I'd like more variety. heh

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