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Selective breeding of larger shrimps?

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How can you select for larger shrimps? I have no experience with this but can think about a few methods that seem all not perfect to me.


1. Select the largest individuals for breeding.


Cons: You could just pick the older shrimps because they had more time to grow and select for longevity, unless all your shrimps were born around the same time. It might be hard judge smaller size difference by eye.



2. You could use some kind of sieve and put your shrimps into it in the tank. The ones that can not manage to escape might be the largest ones.


Cons: Same as for #1. Except for last point.


Other ideas or suggestions?


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You should get about 5 2.5g tanks, and when a female is berried put here in one with no other shrimp, and when the eggs hatch take her out, then let them grow up, and after they are 3-6 months old take the biggest ones out and put in another empty 2.5g, I would do the first process with the berried in 3 tanks and the last step in 2 tanks, and repeat with the larger ones till u get desired size.

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I use several tanks for selective breeding start with one tank let it produce babies and let them grow out take out your large ones again and start all over I do this constanrly with a few different variations, size is one, color, or new paterns.

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I chatted with Max Wei (a famous Taiwanese breeder who has won many international contests) about this topic. He mentioned that he has paid special attention on shrimp size and he does have bigger average size shrimps for what I can tell.


However, it's not easy to achieve for us. He gave two examples,


Case one: you start with 10 shrimps, and keep inbreeding them for a more stable line. (i.e. selective breeding for certain feature). To get a stable feature you wouldn't normally just add new shrimps in the breeding crew. Eventually you get 1000 shrimps from this breeding tank.


Case two: you start with 300 shrimps, and you do your selective breeding, and eventually you get 1000 shrimps from this breeding tank.


He said that you will see the average size in case two bigger than case one over a couple of years. He believes it's because you start with a broader gene pool and shrimp size is normally one of the first things you notice in weakened gene.

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