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Blue Crown Aquatic Trade Shipment Pre-order!!

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Hey guys,


Our shipment came in and these are the breeds we have. The Pre-order are 10% off and will end on Monday January 12th so hurry!! Yellow King Kong, Super Snow White, and Red Pinto are extremely limited since pre-orders have been made before the shipment so we only brought in some extras along with the pre-order. Pink Bolts are quite nice this shipment , so are the Super Hornets and Super Princess. Also the Super hornet bee, Super Princess Bee, and Galaxy Tiger  will breed in freshwater since these shrimps are from little streams somewhere in China. All these shrimps came in as juvies-subadults so sex is still hard to determine. If anyone have any other questions please feel free to post it here or PM me. We are also the host for January Scape Club Meet and we will be having a special guest at our Meet so if anyone is interested check out the other post!!




Blue Crown


New Shipment order:


Super Tiger- $4 ----> $3.50


Tiger Shrimp- $2.50 ----> $2.25


Red Zebra Pinto- $260 ----> $234


Yellow King Kong $40 ----> $36



Red/Pink Bolt $20 ----> $18



Super Princess Bee- $15 ----> $13.50  ** Color might vary**



Super Snow White - $55 ----> $50




Super Hornet $10 ----> $9



Galaxy Tiger- $10 ----> $ 9



White Back Pinto- $120.00 ----> $105



Zebra Pinto- $120.00 ----> $105




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We have a good supply of super tiger and tigers, the others new species will become readily available soon.

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