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Hey shrimp Folks! Name is mike 28 yrs old from northern New Jersey 5 mins from NYC.. My gf bought me a fish during the summer and that turned into me spending a small fortune getting into the aquascaping hobby,Didn't have much luck with keeping shrimp at first(not the bettas fault, he was kept separately) but I didn't understand alot about the conditions each species needs. I use conditioned tap. Ph 7.6 gh11 kh 4 temp about 76 degrees, which basically limits me to neos I think. But there cool!

Lately things are good. I keep 5 amano shrimp too along with 5 blue diamonds. Found some babies recently too which to me is a good sign!

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Hey Mike!!!


thanks for joining !!! :)


Make sure you enter in my give away via here in the marketplace and my facebook (link is in my sign) :)

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