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uh oh possible due date miscalculation?

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"big mama" as I call her is the one that was first berried and is carrying the most eggs. I could have sworn that she was NOT berried on 12-30 and was on 12-31. As of today that would make it one day shy of 2 weeks.


Tonight I notice she now has a new saddle. I thought that meant that she would be giving birth within days of the new saddle showing up? Is that right? If so, how is that possible? I read snowballs take about 30+ days.


Another horrible pic sorry,she's the one on the top. My cameras does great for football games but not so much for macro



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hmmm ok, I read a few places that the arrival of a new saddle meant that babies were going to be born shortly. I stalked her in the tank trying to see if I could see little eyes, but she is staying to the back tonight, of course

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