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What's wrong with my pfr

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I woke up this morning to the sides of her carapace folded outward and almost bubble like or inflated. She can't swim straight.

Water params are ph 6.4 gh 5 kh 0 everything else 0

Normal weekly to bi weekly water changes.


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Looks like it could be a bad molt.

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Depends on the brand you are using as to the color it turns.  My API turns from orange to green with gh testing,  Sounds like your gh is fine. 


Planaria tends to paralyze and then gang up.  So chances are they either took the opportunity when your cherry was molting, or were on her after she was dead.


Time to pull out the fenben.

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Cause I'm using Amazonia. And my neos are fine haha.

I've tried keeping the snowballs and pfr sakura in higher ph etc they didn't do to well. For some reason there doing quite well and breeding readily in the crystal params.

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