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Tips on breeding alleni?

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Aren't they livebearers??  Or am I thinking of something else? Maybe that is the snake thing from Florida. We had one in my store I used to work at...it was creepy. lol We ordered some blue crayfish and this thing came in. Some guy bought it and it bit him often. IT's aquatic, but it just looked like a big snake. It eats crayfish and shrimp...so I suppose you mean something else. So I will hush now.  


Unless you have branched out in your fish room. lol

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yepper.  Procambarus Alleni.  I have a white currently, and am getting in 2 prs of blues.


(pic from google)



Problem is, I used to have a white pair, and when I placed the male in with the fem, she killed him.  So I'm pretty sure I did something wrong.  And since I am a newby at this, if anyone has tips, I'd appreciate it.


And Lunar, I am branching out, but out of fish and into crays. :)

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I was hoping you meant that. Lol

I used to have what ~was~ called a Super Nova cray. He was very cool and pretty. Now they are called something else like Thunderbolt or something, and what is now a SN is some super rare monster cray. Lol Amazon sells them.

As for what you are talking about, they are pretty. I read you should keep the genders separate until the male is for sure ready to breed, due to form? If he is not ready, he can kill the female.

The guy my store used to buy from, only let his males have "visits" with his females. And they had bachelor tanks to themselves otherwise. He could control selective breeding that way too.

I wish you would do Electric pinks. I might have to buy from you then. Lol I love my blue shrimp I got from you.

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My workplace is closed due to snow, but my internet connection remains - so I'm trying to research stuff. This is sometimes dangerous.


So - I guess there are a few suggestions. One, don't put the male in with the female and walk away. He might not be compatible or might be in the wrong "form" and would be fine if you tried again later. So you could watch them for a while and see if they going mate or fight, and be able to break it up if necessary.

My other suggestion may not be viable. If you think female aggression/territoriality may be playing a role, I would suggest using a mating tank that doesn't belong to either crayfish. Put them both in at once. And watch them, of course. We do this when introducing (neutered) rabbits because it disengages the instinct to protect their home turf (the "kill all intruders" response). I guess the trouble is, you'd be moving a potentially egg-carrying female and you don't want to stress her. However, I'm sure you are experienced enough to move her safely.

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I didn't do it myself.


But heard from people keeping crayfish before.


they use tank divider to separate male and female. after female molted, remove the divider. hope they will mate, after mating, separate the male again.

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