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I'm gonna get on a soap box for a moment. When someone promotes something on the basis that it is "natural", please take a moment to evaluate the statement rationally. That word is meaningless with regards to safety. There are plenty of natural poisons, just as there are many natural cures. When you get right down to it, EVERYTHING is a chemical - including table salt, sugar, and water. (Yes, water is a chemical.) Just because it's a chemical doesn't mean that it's automatically harmful.

If there is poor quality control and impurities are finding their way into the supply, that's a completely different argument. That can happen to any process. Or perhaps by using only certain salts, there are micronutrients that are not included, so there may be benefits to using a seawater-derived remineraliser. Who knows? I don't, and I'm unlikely to ever know. But the argument that "it's natural, therefore it is safer" is a poor one. Don't rely on it.

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So true Chibikaie.  We go through this at the animal hospital also with dog food labels.  We cannot convince clients that "Natural and organic" Does not necessarily mean  what they think it means.   

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Oh geez. Yeah, when a client starts saying they want a "natural" alternative I carefully write down their concerns, repeating it back to them so they know I'm listening, and then hand the note to the vet. I let them deal with that! My strengths are elsewhere, shall we say.

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