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White Crayfish Identification


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My birthday is tomorrow and my very sweet fiance surprised me with this little guy as a present. Its obviously a white crayfish, but Im wondering what species. A quick google search wasnt conclusive  so I thought some of the cray experts on here might be able to identify it. Im thinking P. alleni? Can anyone confirm that? Thanks for any help. :)





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What water parameters do you keep your white crays at? Ive got mine in a tank with RO water remineralized with SS GH/KH+ to the following:


Temp: 72

pH: 7.4

GH: 8

KH: 3

TDS: ~250


Anything else special this little guy needs?

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I honestly don't check the parameters for These guys I just declorifier my tap water not even my ro and if they haven't shed in a while I throw crushed oyster shells in. I keep them separated throw them in together every now and then see if they mate, I have one that just did that, and then wait for eggs to hatch, then remove the mom

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