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tiny, fly or white nat floating on top of water in tank, Help!

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 In my 3rd tank which I painstakingly tried to be as perfect of a tank as possible, after learning from everything from my first two tanks,

The water quality is:


Temp - 73 F

PH - 6.4 - 6.6

GH - 4 to 6

KH - 0 to 1

Sponge filter

Marineland Penguin BioWheel 200 HOB

Layer of Fluval Shrimp Stratum on bottom and Moon sand on top

Xmas moss only

one piece of Malaysian Driftwood

one Indian Almond Leaf

few of the miniature Alder cones

one air stone

RO water and Bee Shrimp Gh+ minerals, and nothing else with the water - TDS - 170

Ceramics in a moving bed filter.

Small UV sterilizer that I use occasionally. I turn it on for about two to three days, every other week.

10 to 15% water changes every other week


Today, I found this very tiny, smaller than a nat, white flies floating on the top of the water. They have white wings, and very, very tiny.

I have not idea where they came from, or how they got into the tank. My house is clean, and I don't have flies in my house. It is still

cold here in Montana. I have never even heard of this before?


I scooped them all out of the tank. I threw away the HOB filter, and boiled the HOB. I cleaned everything in around the tank. Every

line, every chord, every plugin, all glass, the glass tops, both sides, did a magnet algae cleaner on all four sides of the tank. Put

in a new filter, after cleaning and boiling the HOB, cleaned the ceramics. I added some Colony to the water that I added with the

new hob filter and the RO water.


All water parameters are the same, everything is okay, and the shrimp all seem fine. I have not hardly fed them at all, because

they seem to have plenty of bio film to eat and don't seem interested in anything I feed them, other than some organic frozen

spinach that I will put a small piece in, every two to three days. That is about it, so they are not getting overfed at all.


So far, since doing all of that, I have not seen another one of those flies floating on top of the water and it's been about

five hours.


But has anyone heard or seen these tiny white flies before floating on the top of the water in an aquarium before? If so,

what are they, where do they come from, how to I make sure I never get them again, will they harm the shrimp, is

there a best way to get rid of them? Any information would be greatly appreciated!


Hopefully, I will not get them back. They were quite a few of them, probably about 30 of them all total, all alive, and all

floating on top of the water. They are all gone, and I have not seen one since about 5 hours now, and since I cleaned

everything and did everything. But I sure have never heard or seen these before in any tank, fish, or shrimp.


Thanks for any help, Doc

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Since I did a major clean up, boiled everything, cleaned everything all around the tanks, etc. I have not seen a single one return. I have no idea where they come from.

I have been meticulous with the third tanks, so that was a major surprise. Plus I am one of those weird clean and organized type of person in my home. The only

thing I put in the third tank was xmas moss, but that was in the tank for about 5 days before this happened. I can't imagine they being on the xmas moss. They would

have had to hatch under water after 5 days, so I doubt that would be even possible. Plus the person that I buy the xmas moss from is just an incredible person,

who is highly detailed and does excellent work. They were white flies, tiny, tiny, tiny, white flies. I hope I never see them again. 


But, so far, everything looks great, and every inch around the tank, you could eat off, wall, tables, knick knacks, carpet, shelves. You name it, I sterilized it. So, I don't

think they will be back whatever they heck they are.

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These were not Springtails. There were actually white flies, very tiny, tiny, white flys, but

when I look at the photos, they were the white flies, like you would get in a garden, but

not the Springtails. I hope I don't get any of those Springtails. I don't like them at all

either.   lol

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I have had little white things that hop around on the top of the tank.  They seem to only appear when I have lots of plants at the top of the tank (floating plants or plants that have grown to the top and start growing across the top.  Once I remove the plants at the top of the tank they disappear.

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