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swissian's 58 gallon


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Having finally finished my education, I have the time to resurrect my old 58 gallon tank. Sadly, in the great move up North, I had to leave behind its stand. For the past 3.5 years, this poor tank has languished in the basement as all of its inhabitants, including fish I had had for many years, did not survive a 3 day drive despite preventative measures.


This is the tank in its algae infested glory 4 years ago:



It grew MTS very well:



Currently, I am completing the stand for it following hydrophte's raw industrial style.


The building material on top of the messy wood pile in the basement (I'm still cleaning up from a hot water pipe leak)




Makeshift work table:



Staining the wood:



In action concentration shot:



First coat of poly:



Luckily, the swissian is short and so does not hit her head on the beams in this 200 year old basement.


Updates will be soon!

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