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Shrimps for Sale


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Hello, I'm new to this and very inexperience. I'm trying to help my friend sell this shrimps for a reasonable price. But pick up only for now because I've never done shipping before. Once I learn how to ship shrimps properly I willing ship them to you. These are my friend shrimps but he speak no English. What do you guys and girls think?


Must buy 10


Painted Fire Red $3.50

Sunkist $ 3.50

Yellow $3.50

Red Reli $3.00

Tiger $3.00


Sorry no picture....Come and see for yourself.


You like you buy

You don't like you bye bye.



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"What do you guys and girls think?"


I think you have a lot to learn about selling anything....

- No photos

- No location for pickup only

- No details'

And to top it all off...a smart-ass closing remark :(


Tell your friend to sell his own shrimp using a translator program'

(do a Google search', free downloads available for a tp)

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Not everybody speaks english as a first language. It does put one at a disadvantage when dealing with english speakers.

People do seem to sell shrimps without photos, but it is nowhere near ideal. I would sure want one when buying, even for local pickup.

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You shouldn't have to apologize. You're probably the last person to need to apologize. I'm sorry you and your friend had such a negative experience/reaction.

I know you were just trying to help your friend out. [emoji17]

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