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Mutation or grand parents?


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I'm keeping red cherries shrimps for about 6 months and found two or tree yellow baby shrimps in my shrimp tank from hundreds of red cherries babies, never had yellow shrimps before only red cherries in that tank, I also have few red rilli shrimps in the same tank.

Question for experienced breeders - are they some kind of mutation or maybe some of my cherries are offspring of cross breeding yellow and red shrimps? I'm just about to buy 10-15 yellow sakura shrimps for another shrimp tank can I put that my yellow shrimps together with yellow sakura or better not to?



here few pictures:





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I agree with garden.  You don't know what these shrimp are capable of yet, and you don't want to mix in any more genes until you breed these for a time.


Of course there is always the breeding trilogy involved (time, space, money), but provided you are able to do this, it should be a pretty interesting project.


I have never seen yellows pop out of my rilis.

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