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Just saying hi


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Im very new to this site and just started keeping crs and blue tigers. I live in nyc and Ive been breeding discus for 10 years. It got too easy for me so why not start keeping inverts? Lol im always looking for a challenge. Im looking forward to learning about this hobby so far i have not had much luck with keeping shrimp but i didnt with discus either when i first started out.

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It took me time to figure it out too..  hit "More reply option)   in your "Reply to this topic"    box. (bottom of your page) 


That will bring up the option under the reply box to "Attach Files" 


Hit "Choose Files"  and then the browse button to scan your own files. 



Hope this helps. 

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Thank you. It looks like i cant do this from my phone so i will have to try it when i get home.


On a phone at least when using tap a talk hit the plus sigh when you are replying. It will give you options.

have a gneiss day

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i am always trading and selling my fish.  the orange guys up there are a new strain and just starting to show their colors.  they are almost ready to pair off.  i will be keeping the nicest pair to expand and better this strain which means if anyone is interested please let me know



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