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Different Phenotypes of Marmorkrebs

Soothing Shrimp

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Great find. The keyword is epigenetics. The gene activity is influenced by epigenetic regulation such as DNA methylation and histone modification (acetylation, methylation, etc.). It is harder to study than the primary DNA sequence but for the variations in the phenotype likely as important as variations caused by mutations. Epigenetics should be taken into account by breeders, because the epigenetic marks can change during the lifetime of an organism or in its offspring and are often influenced by the environment, such as food, substrates and water chemistry.

It is one explanation why some interesting variations in phenotypes are sometimes not heritable or disappear or weaken if we put shrimps from one tank into another, or from move them from one breeder to another.

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Yes, the (genetically identical) self cloning caryfish are an excellent system to study this variation.

I read some articles a while ago about coat color variation in genetically identical mice that was caused by epigenetic mechanisms.

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