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Weird outcome...

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I was holding some TB in my crs tank that I am trying to make all red through selective breeding.  This was several months ago.  One BB berried and gave "birth" before being moved to her own tank, so misch are mixed up with my red project.  I left them in.


Now I find what looks like a CWB in the tank?!?  The TB have already been moved about awhile ago, so I can only guess that this came from the BB x Red breeding.  Any TB x Red offspring are still small, and not old enough to breed.


My Reds have clear spaces where the white would be.  Some people refer to these as D grades.  I'm pretty positive they are not misch. heh


This shrimp in question has clear spaces where the red would be.


Anyway, here is a poor pic of my "CWB"  No idea how the genetics worked on this...Does this look like a CWB to anyone else?


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that's what crystal white bees look like, and it looks just like mine, only yours still has a little
bit of red left. If you want these, separate that one and try to find another with limited red and
breed them, you will eventually eliminate the red. If you look at that chart I posted you can see
that the CWB is in fact CRS with the red bred out of them.

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