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Hi! Newbie in WA!


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Hi! I've been stalking the forum for a while now but figured I should finally get around to introducing myself. :) Crazyfishlady referred me here since I'm on another forum with her. I'm a shrimp newbie. Caught the shrimp fever when I had a ghost shrimp stow away mixed in with some corys I purchased for my community tank. After some research and much searching (neos are hard to find in my area) I started out with some simple cherries to make sure I could keep these little guys alive. It's been several months now and they are still doing well so I feel like I am finally ready to make the plunge and purchase my first shrimp. While I love a lot of the fancier crystals and PRL's I'm not really sure I'm experienced to deal with RO quite yet. Plus I'm not ready to spend that much money since I'm still getting myself in the swing of things. Thinking about searching out some super blue blue dreams or bloody marys since they are probably easier for a newbie like myself. Can't wait to start my shrimp adventure!! :D

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Welcome LadyShrimp! We are glad to have you! Ask lots of questions, we are here to help.

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Welcome! :) and yes, I gushed about this forum on the betta fish forum I am on :) Can't help it, this forum is awesome....


and yes.. I rattled on about the shrimp on a betta forum, although I put it in the 'off topic' section, ha ha

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