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Blue Velvet carrying pink eggs???

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So, my pregnant Blue Velvets tend to hide a lot. The boys don't but they do for some reason.


I have been checking on them often because a few of the mammas are also getting saddles.


I came home today and saw a pregnant girl carrying... pink eggs??? I tried everything to get a decent pic, but I had the hardest time get any pics in this tank.


The eggs are literally a salmon color... all of them. The others have the normal yellow eggs.


Any ideas?







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This is one of the fascinations about BV.  The eggs will be yellow in color from first day of berry, then they start turning reddish as they are nearing to hatch.  The young will look like red rilis and the red will start fading as they approach juvie age.  Less than 1% retain red into adulthood, and of those 1% nearly all of them will have the red gone by older adult.  The dilution gene on them is delayed.  :)

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HA! Ok - I freaked out a little worried that something was very wrong with her or the eggs. 


Now that I know this is normal... that is pretty awesome! :)


Now I can calm down - was gathering needed things for a hospital tank... so glad no one could see me running around freaking out... whew....

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