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crs in neo and tiger water params???

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I had the day off, so what do I do? I head down to a LFS that sometimes have shrimp. I got to meet a local shrimp buddy that I know from FB so that was great!


They had two shrimp tanks.


One - had crystal reds, tigers and.... red cherry shrimp... together?!?!  I asked her what the water params were but she didn't know since she isn't the one that set it up or maintains it. 


I was so tempted to go for the CRS but I was too nervous, just didn't seem right that they were in there. The substrate was sand, no wood... just some plants (easier to display and net them I am sure) so I doubt there was any buffering in there.


I did... however.. come home with 4 tigers. Just regular tigers. They will go into quarantine and then will be my first non-neo shrimp to see how I do. If that goes well... I'm hunting down those tangerine tigers that I know someone here has :)


But... to the point... can CRS really be kept in neo/tiger params???

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My LFS knows nothing about shrimp let alone CRS and has recently had some. All their tanks are on the same water system for fresh and saltwater. They keep them in their standard fish parameters pH over 7 they dont even know their TDS and dont check their hardness at all. The best part is they sell low grade CRS for....wait for it.......$19.99ea?!!!! You have got to be kidding me! Some poor guy in a local aquarium club bought five of them! And added them to his community tank. There are some people that have over generations, carefully bred their CRS in alkaline water but I doubt that the fish stores are seeking out those few hobbyists.

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I had a feeling it wasn't a good situation :( part of me wanted to save them ... but... I have never kept CRS and don't have the set up for it. Ugh...


The other tank had black sakuras, amanos and a type of rilli...all together with a few odd balls floating around... and some micro fish... 


I had thought about selling my snowballs there, maybe on consignment or something but not gonna happen. Even though my little buggers are hardy as can be... just made me shiver. 


$20 for a low grade CRS??? Yikes... then again, before I got into this forum I had no clue about prices. I had 'sucker' written on my forehead 

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In my local fish store they only have amanos, ghost and some unknown neos they call them dwarf shrimp and they are brown ish wild colour. They don't know much about shrimp at all. I would be surprised to see Crystal shrimp in any fish shop here in London. We've got around 4-5 large online shrimp shops in country they sell a lot of quality shrimp food and equipments and some different colours of Neos, CRS and CBS even pandas and King Kongs. I'm buying from private breeders on Ebay this is the cheapest way here. But I guess it still new hobby and it will grow in the future.

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Yea, I bought my very first shrimp at a LFS.. and was given all the wrong advice.. needless to say I don't have those shrimp anymore. :(


I'm sticking to folks here on the forum and recommendations.


I only grabbed the tigers because I have been looking and plus they were the one kind I could rescue at the time, lol.  They are bigger and no clue on the sex.. and I paid too much.. but I couldn't help it.


I get that they can't afford to hire folks with serious knowledge, but I'm hoping my 4 tigers do well

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Not true my cbs breed before I got my ada tank.


Ok, Allow me to state it more precisely.

My CRS won't breed with pH above 7.00


Breeding starts once the pH drops below 6.50

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Would like to see photos of your new tigers.  (Or did you post them elsewhere?) Hope you were able to get boys&girls ;)


I kind of wish stores would have brief fact sheets, or a QR code you could scan.


And how many people come home from LFS and dump shrimp into a community tank, or set up a new tank but don't fully cycle it?

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I have and am breeding both OEBT and Crystal white bees in the same tank. PH is 6.8 in there.


I also found a splotched carbon rili that had escaped when I moved them all to their new tank and it was berried.


One can't ever say it can't be done, because nature likes to throw curveballs!   It might not be ideal for either of

these types but both Neos and Tigers are very adaptable to water parameters, so in a CRS type tank they can adapt

very easily.  Not so the CRS as they definitely need the lower PH for breeding.


Just the other day I had to fish out one baby blue rilis from this tank...its been hiding and growing all this time, now its

back in with the other blue neos

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I think Wicca acclimated hers to 7+ and were breeding, but she lost them during a move.


Depends how accurate you can measure the pH


I still have some very healthy CRS with Bloody Mary for about a year now, never breeding. pH is swinging between 7.00-7.50


I use Pinpoint pH meter and calibrated periodically, so I knew my reading is very accurate.


I have other pH meter to compare the results as well.

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