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PBL shrimps video.


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Here is a video of my PBL shrimp line. I have been keeping those shrimps for around 3 years already. They never produce anything else than PBL. The source of those PBL are: Benibachi A grade PBL, some little bit lower grade Benibachi PBL/forgot the grade/ and Black Impact PBL imported from Japan.
Because there are always speculation about how the shrimps colors looks in person compare to the video colors I decided to post some details.
Video quality: In order to have clear, sharp and noise free picture we need a lot of light. To get large area in focus we need large F stop -again light. The right colors: By rule, we see the colors when the light reflect from the object, so we need the right K rating color light to help that reflection.
Light used in this video is 4x24W T5HO fixture with 2x6500K bulbs-helping overall colors and produce enough light,1x 10000 K and 1x actinic 420 nm to help white and black colors.
Camera settings: Gain 0, F4, sharpness +1, auto white balance.
For me colors in the video match real colors 90-95%
Enjoy the video. Let me know how you like it.


Don't forget to watch it in HD quality  :thumbsu:

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Thank you all,

I think that with time this forum will become very popular .


Yes, the colors are pretty good, now I just need to  breed and select them for 10 more years :D  .Shrimps hobby lately become very popular.Now we can find very good shrimps and choose quality and price.

I still remember the colors of my first SSS CBS- muddy brown and almost clear white.

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