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Cherry shrimp outdoors in so cali

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You certainly can. You just have to be careful to get them not too hot. A larger water volume will be helpful and no direct sun, unless you keep them in a decently sized pond.

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say you have a controlled environement keeping neos in a 60 gal pond... would you still need filters for that or would a simple sponge filter do? it would be a neat looking setup to have floating plants and a couple of sponge filters scattered for biological filtration, or would the huge water volume be sufficient and what would be the frequency for water changes ? once a week? monthly? just curious

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I had 20 blue cherry shrimp I bought initially breeding (was supposed to be temporary) in a 40litre with just an air stone and some simple rooted plants growing in gravel under a single 2 foot light. they were fine there was no ammonia or nitrite issue (substrate and plants were brought across from an established tank so I guess there was enough nitrification happening on those surfaces..

love n peace


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