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First Shrimp Tank - 10 Gallon - CRS and TB with SL Aqua


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Hey everyone!

Thought I would start my tank journal for my first ever shrimp tank. I got into planted tanks just a few months ago but realized I needed to start a shrimp tank when my shrimps kept hiding in my planted tank. My goal was to set up a simple tank and my shrimp goals are just to keep different kinds and see what happens. No special selective breeding plans yet but I'm sure that will change.


Tank - 10 gallon cheap Petco tank

Filters - AC 30 HOB with stock sponge, filter floss and bio balls plus one dual sponge filter.

Light - Archaea Pro Gro LED

Substrate - ADA aquasoil regular size

Fauna - about 10 x CRS, 4x Super tiger (2 berried), 2 x blue velvet. 2x Otos, 1x bristle nose albino pleco. I know the super tigers and blue velvets don't really fit in this tank in terms of breeding but I'm enjoying them in here for now. If they don't work I'll move them to my planted tank where they can hide.

Flora - Bunch of moss (fissidens, fissidens fox, Riccia, Xmas moss, mini Xmas moss, Riccia, flame, erect, peacock, willow). Hydrocotyl triparia, mini pelia, Frogbit.

I cycled this tank using seeded media from my planted tank plus SL Aqua magic powder. I'm doing water changes with RO and remineralizing with SL Aqua.

Water Parameters (right now):

Temp: 74F

PH: 6.3

GH: 4-5

KH: 0

TDS: 190-200 (will get this down to 130-150 with enough RO WC)

Front shot:


Left side:


Right side:


Blue velvet and CRS:



Bonus of my planted tank - it's a jungle and needs a trim:


Shoutout to Bostoneric (Discobee) for hooking it up with great products and Miwu for my first CRS ever - they look great!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Looking great! You really will have quite the collage of shrimp. 

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Thanks! It's probably not the most optimal way to keep shrimps but I'm looking forward to see what happens if random pairs decide to breed.

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As long as your shrimp are happy that's all that matters.

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Anyone have any idea why a CRS would lose its white coloring and turn pink/clear? It doesn't look stressed. My guess is that it just molted? It's been a day so I figured it would regain its white coloring soon after.



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Thanks Loumeer - the shrimp is actually looking a lot better now with most of its white back. My guess is that it was flesh colored from molting and needed a couple days to adjust to its fresh shell.

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