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A new way to dose fenben?

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Recently we've had members have problems with dosages of fenben and fishben.


I've been doing some research, and I'm wondering if these products could be a new way of mess-up proofing the meds:






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I had some bad results with fish ben. around the same time as thegardenofeder did too. I dosed it less than recommended online, whole pack in water (forget how much) then I did 1ml of water per 20g instead of recommended 10g. It killed the hydra but also seemed to cause a mini cycle and then ammonia jumped overnight, had to keep doing WCs to keep the levels down and after a week and some losses it leveled off. My PRLs were fine but the TBs took a hit for sure.


I would be interested in hearing about the H2O2 method but doesn't H2O2 kill off Beneficial Bacteria as well?

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Honestly, no I haven't.  I've had such good results with fenben that I really don't want to change. ;)


The only reason to use teabags is so chunks don't get on the soil.  Otherwise removing the teabag is useless because the med is already dissolved in the water. 


No, based on the information I read, fenben is very hard to dissolve. 

so remove the powder after the treatment, you remove most of it.


I even don't do any extra water change after treatment.

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This makes me wonder if the target dose is much lower than people have used. I've always used oral suspension as I have access to it.

Does anyone have a lot of planaria that can be used for testing?

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I can try some dosages I got two tanks one I just setup that's infested with them, and the other is the my grow out tank for angelfish, I was planning on doing it anyways tomorrow since I can get to the store to pick some fenben after work

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