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Berried Female Lost All Eggs In Molt - Halp!

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Hi guys, 

I had a berried red cherry shrimp that apparently molted last night and ALL her eggs are stuck to the molted exoskeleton!!!

I have heard stuff about people taking care of dropped eggs until they hatch... is this possible?

The eggs are about 3 weeks old I would say. I will post pics.

Can anyone help me with advice? 

A pic of the molt with eggs:

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Oh the trials and tribulations of shrimp keeping! 

Ive rigged up something using a little breeder box I have. still optimizing the amount of agitation the eggs are receiving. Will play this out for a while and see how it goes. I would imagine the eggs dont really need TOO much movement? 

Hopefully I can make this work. 

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A quick temporary solution ia what i did:

1. Get a small cup, and fill it with tank water

2. Run some air line from your air pump to an adjustable valve then to the cup

3. Gently bubble the water, stirring the eggs twice a day

4. 100% water change with new tank water

I reccommend this until you can get a bubbler from Han. :)

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Thanks guys.  I've got something setup here using a breeding box and some bubbles. The eggs are receiving some motion and the hang-on-tank breeding box is circulating tank water through them. I roughly guess that the eggs were approaching 3 weeks in age before they dropped off so we will see. I will keep and eye on them and see what happens. 

Thanks for the advice . Will keep ya posted on what happens.

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