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I did a forum search for TDS and didn't find anything. 


I got by TDS tester and my shrimp tank water is @ 290.  I have Blue Velvets and TT.  It seems a little high.  Should I be concerned?

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I always kept my Neos around 225 TDS. Honestly if you seeing the results you want I would keep things the way they are.


TDS is very important in my book as it does have a direct correlation with GH. If you raise your TDS your GH will rise as well. This is one of the only water parameters I test once I have an established shrimp tank.

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I'm also a fan of monitoring TDS - if nothing else, it's generally a quick indicator if things are off a bit in a tank.  With a TDS pen, it's super easy to just take a sample of water, and have a reading within seconds.  IME, if my TDS is way off, or not where I expect it to be, I break out the extra test kits and start testing.  I can't recall where I was having trouble with a tank, and my TDS was right in line, but some other parameter was way out of spec.  I'm sure it's possible, but I haven't experienced it.  I just like the quickness of the test, and the 'heads-up' it provides to do extra testing.

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