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Hello from Germany


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I am a graduate biology student, mainly focusing on microbiology. Currently doing a master degree. I have been maintaing aquarium on and off since 7 years old . My main interest are planted aquarium, however nowadays "you can't have one without the other, "shrimps and plants :).


Onward to aquariums... On a student bugdet and with rental aparments, I only have a 30L (7.5g) nano cube, high light, co2 and EI enriched. The aquarium is now more than 1 month old.  I have 8 Boraras brigittae  and 3 Ottos. Shrimp wise I am only a beginner so I stared with Sakura RCS, after which came painted red RCS and Blue tigers.




Looking forward to learn more stuff from your experience.




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Herzlich willkommen. I am a microbiologist (virologist) myself.

It's a great forum. A bit North America-centered. We definitely need more people from all over the world.

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Danke schön!


 I am active on other english forums which are also centered on a N American population. I like how friendly and helpful people are. Also, the fact that you are open minded helps discover new ideas.

Hope I can give the community something after I learn my part.


Thank you again for the warm welcome.

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