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Caridina Zebra- New shrimp found

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I was alerted to this new shrimp from RevolutionHope.  A big thank you!  It is only by folks sharing knowledge that we learn.  We all have to help each other.


A new shrimp has been found in Australia that has parameters that leaves me in amazement. 


A photo from http://www.aquagreen.com.au/plant_data/Caridina_zebra.html:



Looks a lot like our crystals or caridina sulawesi, right?


But listen to these params!



Temp low 70's

PH 7- 7.5ish (Has been known to live in 6,5 as well.)

KH 0

GH 0

TDS <20


Folks, you could pretty much pour out a jug of RO and have them live right in the water with no remin and no buffering substrate!


Is this the next new shrimp?

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c zebra is not really new.. people have bred them a few times since 2009 but the problem is noone seems to have kept them past 1 or 2 generations before (until recently that is) for one reason or another due to not being enough known about it.

there is an experienced fish keeper living in the subtropics keeping them in ponds successfully and he did have them for 2 generations prior to this but i understand his setups were wiped out in a cyclone.


because the shrimp lives in crystal clear rainwater it is very very intolerant to pollutants ie phosphates ammonia nitrite nitrate = so it's not a good idea for the lazy shrimper ;-)


i know there is a number of people who are now keeping them as of the last month or so and fingers crossed this time around it will proliferate.


we need to breed them to be used to aquarium conditions, i've no idea how many generations that might take before they are a bit hardier than wild types. i'm looking forward to trying them myself but having only had experience with neos it will be a big challenge. the guy who posted that video is somewhat of a mentor to me and the old-timer who has had them in ponds is available for the occasional support/advice too so i have my fingers-crossed that one day we can get the c zebra coming to a tank near you ;-)

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I believe this is a bye-catch that came in a batch of other shrimps from the shipper. It's wild in nature, hides all the time, will NOT come out and join in eating with other dithers and does spook very easily. It turns a very deep brown with the white lines still showing in fright mode. I was lucky to even get these pics,, so what do I have here? If the Zebra's are not in the U.S. yet are they in Germany? This one's Definately NOT a Neocaridina species/hybrid but looks like a Caridina species it's at full size, adult female.

 Any help on I.D. would be appreciated.




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I was wondering if the store I got it at may have more? but too far to go back for now... I was getting Necaridina Palmata "blueberry" and it happend to be in the bag with them.

I found the source at this LFS


Shrimp For Sale (puyallup)
© craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap
111 w meeker st

(google map)

Blue Dream (out)
Crystal Red (out)
Crystal Black (out)
blueberry shrimp
Red Cherry
Fire Red shrimp
Orange sunrise
Giant Rock shrimp out 
Blueberry Shrimp out
Ghost shrimp 
Singapore (out)
Giant Blue wood Shrimp (out)
Red rilli
black rilli 
black coco
yellow fire shrimp
black ninja
All black coco shrimp
Keywords: cichlids, cichlid, fish, aquarium, fish tank,



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REALLY? Where do I get more asI really love these and they're really cool!!! How may types of varieties are there?

So I looked these up and they are a very hardy, wild caught shrimp with a broader water parameter with a most interesting behavior. So far it's settling in nicely to my we;; water, great.. Now I'm on the hunt for a few friends!!

Thanks Soothing shrimp for the I'D. but you have to  admit it does look very close to the Zebra's but with a white tail band though....

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They are pretty, aren't they? :)


The Ninjas used to be popular as one of the first shrimp in the hobby.  Unfortunately they require saltwater to breed and are low order shrimp, so they hatch out larvae which are very hard to feed and slowly introduce to freshwater.  That's why the cards and neos took over.  They could breed miniature versions of themselves in freshwater.


Consider yourself blessed. :)  Ninjas are very hard to find in the US now, if you can find them at all.

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He has more so I will stop by again and pick up a few for looker tank, and of course ORE Blueberries.

Yah your right, I could try to breed them as I use to deal with Trinidad "wild: live bearers that needed salinity specific of 1.003 S.G.  Believe it or not, these are only $2.99 each! Thanks fore the heads up!

 I do hope the Zebra shrimp make it here soon and someone has breeding success too!

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