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Mystery Item in Shrimp Tank


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Hi all,


I'm hoping someone can help me identify the small red item in the attached photos; I've included a quarter for size reference. I have 11 Taiwan Fire Red Shrimp in a 10 gallon low tech planted tank. The only other inhabitants include a few pond snails and mini ramshorn snails that hitchhiked in on some java moss I purchased. The Shrimp have been in the tank for 3 weeks and all has been well. (The tank had matured for 8 weeks prior to the introduction of the shrimp and was fully cycled.)


This morning I found this red item. I panicked assuming that one of the shrimp had died. However, I have counted them a dozen times now and there are definitely still 11 shrimp and all seem healthy and happy. There are 4 berried females all of whom are still berried. It looks for all the world like a partially eaten or partially developed shrimp but neither of those seem to make any sense given the circumstances. I haven't seen any babies yet but my understanding is that they'll be much much smaller than this, besides which my berried females are all still berried.


Thanks in advance for any thoughts you might have.





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Yup, you're all right of course. I was sure that was what it was but I was also sure I'd only ever had 11 shrimp ... and I still have 11 shrimp. However, I found a photo I took of them during their drip acclimation and there are clearly 12 shrimp. Should have checked this photo prior to posting. I'm bummed to have lost a shrimp (albeit 1 I didn't know I had) after 3 successful weeks but am relieved to have a solution to the "mystery". 


Sorry to waste your time.


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