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New Color/New Strain- Nessie Shrimp!!!

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I have a **very limited amount** to offer for sale, and I'm only offering now as opposed to August because my daughter has a huge gymnastics bill for her team fees, coaches fees, meet fees, rhinestone team leo, etc. So any money I get, I'm able to offset cost.



This is an exceptional Nessie I have been using as a breeder.  They don't all look like this, but when they do- WOW!


First, the history of these as it seems more and more people are interested in histories.  For those who do not want to read the story, skip down lower.


"Once upon a time there was a Fire Red colony.  This Fire Red colony surprised their keeper by throwing some blue pigmented shrimp.  Not just blue tissue...oh no... but blue pigment on the shell.  The owner faithfully decided to work with this mutation for about a year when a 2nd surprise happened. 


Out of these blue shrimp arose some green pigmented shrimp.  The keeper in confusion tried to figure out where they came from.  "Surely this can't happen," says the keeper.  "For I have never seen anything like this before."  And yet beyond all odds- there they were.  True green pigmented shrimp. 


Now these greens were badly colored.  Barely a stripe here, barely a stripe there.  However the keeper hoped there may be potential.


In a daring move, he culled the blues to focus on the greens.  "I may be able to improve these greens," says he.  And off to yet another adventure goes he.


Greens throwing blues and reds were worked with for over half a decade until they threw 95-99% greens.  This was not easy for one person to do.  Several times the project reduced the keeper to tears as near disasters happened, and new break throughs occurred.  And yet, the ember of passion continued to fueled by his desire to succeed.


Then finally, after many years of effort, it became apparent for this keeper to offer his creation to the community.  "It is foolish for me to continue alone, " says he.  For if only the keeper was to separate out grades and try other selections, it would take another decade or more.  However with the help of the community, new and exciting forms may be created  New selections developed and perhaps even a rare mutation may be worked on, the keeper realized.  Better the outcome, it could quite possibly be.  "Let the offering begin!"  Announced he!


And thus began the saga of the Nessie Shrimp."


As a new strain, the Nessie have potential to be selectively bred in many different ways. At this point a cherry Nessie can throw a near painted Nessie, and a painted Nessie can throw a cherry Nessie.  This makes for a very pretty colony quite diverse.


Personally, I think cherry Nessies and see through fire grade Nessies look prettiest.  Their pigment is thin and they look like emeralds in low or high light.


Sakura/painted Nessies have such thickness of color they can look black in low light, and show up as very dark hunter green in high light..


One of my favorites is the Golden Nessie that is thrown randomly, which has a gold flesh, and green pigment hood. I kinda equate it with  the Maneki Neko Lucky Money Cat Statue.  For some reason it has always been good luck when thrown in my shrimp room.

For a long time I was culling shrimp needlessly until I realized some of these shrimp also have a weird ability to change from blue to green depending on mood. Very strange.  Much like cardinals will change color when the light goes out, and slowly gain their color when the light is turned on.


Males usually have only a green hood, while females can range from cherry to near painted.  ALL GRADES CAN BE THROWN IN THE SAME BATCH!  I've done my part in making sure the green is stable.  It's up to the hobbyists to take them in the next step.  I'm one person and don't have a staff to help me.  These have babies that have some grade of green 95-99% of the time.  Shrimp range from green hoods to full green bodies.  The culls will occasionally be Blue Nessie, or Red Nessie.  I have NOT ruled out that these culls may be able to throw Nessies as well.  I just don't know, as I have not worked extensively with them.  Some of the reds looked to be turning purple, however I didn't have the space to work with that project.  One always have to make decisions on the trinity. (space, time, money)


Breeders often show you their best shrimp.  However I want to be sure you understand what other grades look like as well.  The pic below shows these too.




Please reread the above descriptions as this is a brand new color and new strain I'm offering.  I want everyone to be happy with what they are receiving.  Please read carefully and understand what you are getting. 


Shrimp sent will be juvies, and I only have an *extremely* limited amount right now.  I was going to offer these in August, but as stated- I have my daughter's gymnastics bill I have to pay for her to continue training for team.

:D :D :D Juvie Nessie is $15 ea :D :D :D


Yes, this is a different color of Neo Davidi, so yes- it will breed with any other color of Neo shrimp.


Last param check:


TDS 216

GH 8-9


$10 priority insulated shipping.  I've always sent priority with very few problems.  No DOA guarantee on priority, however unless you live in a problematic delivery area, I haven't had too many problems.  Almost all of my boxes have arrived safely, however there is always a risk. 


Pics of dead shrimp in unopened bag must be provided within 2 hours of receiving, for me to work with you on a resolution.


If you would like overnight delivery, I can do that too I suppose.  We'll have to work together on that since I've never done that before.  However I will honor a DOA guarantee on those.

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Love the narration!

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People who are working with them will absolutely be part of the story.  It is not often that the avg shrimper gets to be part of making history by working with a new strain when it first comes out.  Imagine helping with the original crs strain, or the very first red neo strain.  I'm very excited in seeing where other shrimpers are able to take this as well!  :thumbsu:

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I have a gym bill that has been broken up for me into payments 9thdragon.  My daughter wants to go as far as she can, and I promised her I'd help her as much as I am able.  My aquatics are one of the only ways I can offset it.  So I'll offer more when the next bill rolls around in 2-3 months.  Have that tank cycling. ;)

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