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Infected shrimp can be seen by blue light

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I have few bacteria infected yellows, and lost couple over time due to water quality issue.


I had moved all to the new tank.

This is the last one I believe still survive. It's very interesting that when I put a blue LED light (10W) on top of the tank.


You can't see other yellows, but infected one is very easy to identify, the body looks opaque under blue light.


Infected yellow:



Healthy yellow


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Awesome. Can you link the light? Is it blue or a UV?

I got it from eBay:

10 Watt blue High Power LED beads Light Lamp Chip 460-475NM

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Very interesting - I wonder if the blue led lighting on the Current USA lights would show that?


It should.

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I'm thinking this is the same as light lighting up a frosted glass as opposed to transparent.

However it also makes me wonder how accurate this may be. Imho some non-infected neo tissue can look like wax paper, while bacterial often shows up as paper white. In this case, any shrimp that is not transparent will reflect light.

Neat observation though.

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