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Shrimpers unite Northern California


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So with the shrimpers bbq and meet and greet im thinking Sunday july 26, Marysville california. Its about 40 minutes from sac, or a little more than 2 hours from san francisco. Everybody is welcome. I understand things come up and plans may change for people, but im trying to get a somewhat accurate idea of those who are interested in attending. Id also like to maybe a week before solidify who for sure is coming and put together a list of what shrimp/plants people have available to sell so people can arrange to bring shrimp for others atrending that want to purchase them. I will also be putting together a brand new 20l with an aquaclear hob, and sponge filter, ada or controsoil substrate, glass lid, decorations , foods, leaves etc easily $150-$200 value to give away, along with other items. Please comment if you plan on attending, and if you will be bringing others, children are welcome as well.

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James what if we did the weekend before?


That should work, I leave on 6/25 7/25

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The bbq is in july not june James. Did you just type the wrong month?


Sorry, I mean 7/25.

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