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Temp & Breeding

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As of late I have been contemplating changing some of my shrimp keeping habits. 


I generally keep my tanks at 70-72F (21-22C) year round, but we have a bit of summer heat wave here in Florida and one of my tanks climbed to 75F (24C) for a few days. All the shrimp looked fine & I even had 4 TB females become berried during this fluctuation. 


I know that higher temps = shorter gestation cycles for the females, but one of the drawbacks is shorter lifespan for the shrimp. So I started tracking how long several females gestation cycle's were taking and figured I share some of my notes.




Keeping the tank at a 70F/21C Temp during the whole breeding cycle.


In Days

TB Females : 32 (Min) - 36 (Max)

Pinto Females: 34 (Min) - 38 (Max)

PBL Females: 28 (Min) - 33(Max)



So now I'm debating if I should ramp up the temps to say 75F/24C during summer and maximize breeding during their most active months.




I would love to hear what you guys are keeping temps at & how long the breeding cycle takes. Since most of us have a similar goal in mind of growing sustainable population.

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I keep at 73F/23C year around. it may rise to 77F/25C in Summer days when heat wave hits.


I observe 25-30 days for gestation of my PRL

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I had mine hit 79 due to the heat here in SoCal. I have a fan on the tank too. I have to keep it really close for it to be effective, but it'll lower it about 2-3 degrees. You will experience a lot evaporation though. On a good note, it seems to be good breeding temperature as I found another berried female today!

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Oh nice so how about 80 because I have a tank on my desk and I plan to put my mosura there. They are in a breeding box and the tank they r in is around 79 will 80 be ok for them?

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