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CRS Admirer from Southern California


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Hi! :) How is everyone doing today?


All things considered, I'm relatively new to the fish-keeping hobby. I've had betta fish for 4-5 years and I have so enjoyed caring for them. During the last dollar per gallon sale, I completely splurged and bought myself a 20g. I'm really happy with it, but it still needs some work! Next paycheck I'll be stocking it with some more "easy" plants to provide coverage for my shrimp.


I am really interested in breeding Crystal Red Shrimp. Genetics has aways been fascinating to me, and I love the little guys' goofy personalities and beautiful coloration. The problem is, when I initially bought my shrimp online, I did not know much about grading (oops....) and I bought some A grade shrimp. Then, at my local fish store, I traded in some supplies for what I believe to be 3 S+ grade shrimp. Altogether, there are 8 shrimp. I don't know exactly how this mixture will translate while breeding, but I'm interested to find out. I may look into buying a few more to help me get started -- any suggestions on which grade a beginner should start with?


Anyways, I'm very happy and excited to be here. I look forward to getting to know everyone here and learning all that I can about shrimp. My tank is pictured below. :)


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Welcome Garlands! We are glad to have you. If your just a "beginner" I think more important than grading is keeping and breeding them successfully. If you can manage to keep the 8 you have alive, and get to a point where their consistently molting and breeding without a hitch, we can then work on culling, to get to a specific pattern or grade.

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