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Help against nematodes


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Greetings from Sweden my name is Louise and i need some help. I have nematode worms in my shrimp tank that i need to get rid of. First time i had them was 5 years ago i restarted all of my 3 tanks and the problem was solved. But about 6 months ago i trusted one shop and got some weeping moss that looked OK. Now when i accidentally touched the soil those cursed worms started wiggling around in the water...

Is there any shrimp safe options to cure my tank from them? I heard about mebendazol or levamisol can kill them. Its so hard to find any shrimp safe information.


What do you all think about this product: http://subquaria.com/Levamisole-HCl-Powder

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Unless they are planaria, they don't harm the shrimp, so many people consider getting rid of them to be unnecessary. Also, if you see a lot of them, it's usually a sign that you are overfeeding the shrimp.

I don't know about the safety of levamisole with crustaceans. See if you can get hold of fenbendazole instead, as many people have used it without harming their shrimp.

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Although "shrimp-safe fish" is a relative term, you could use some type of small-mouth fish to clean them out.  


I used hockeystick pencilfish to combat small flies I had on the surface of my tank, and they zeroed out the nematodes along the way.  They spend 99% of the time in the top 1-inch of the tank, and others have kept them safely with shrimp.  I'm sure there are other fish (baby guppies, rasboras) that could also be used, and you could pull them after a few days once they knock the population down.  This would all be dependent upon your comfort level of putting fish in your shrimp tank.......

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