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what to do now?


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so over the last few months its been a learning curve, I started out with 20 shrimp and am now down to 5 young adults and 2 adult shrimp and no new shrimp for a while now starting to think all I have left are males at this point should I just start over? I started off with tap water but a few months ago I switched over to RO I had another death about a week ago and now I have 2 shrimp that have white insides I don't even know what to do anymore really all my readings are good but I still have deaths and now with the infections should I remove the shrimp I have no where to put them

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Sorry to hear of your troubles.  Could you elaborate a bit more?

What kind of shrimp are they? 

RO water is good, as long as you are re-mineralizing, otherwise they can't absorb nutrients for their shells and molting can become a hazardous proposition. 

What do you mean by white insides?

How are you measuring pH?  Meter, strips, liquid drops?

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I use SL blue aqua re minerlizer with my RO

my shrimp are neos (dream blues)

my ph is 7.0, more ammon is 0, nitrite 0 nitrate 5ppm API test set directions followed for nitrate for a real reading my TDS is 184 temp 74f

troubles well got my shrimp in late jan early feb, started them in  cycled tank with tap water, started over feeding cause I didn't know better got that under control

next trouble hydra got rid of them the whole time I was having shrimp die here and there.

changed to RO water I still have shrimp dying

now the white stuff the.. cream filling it looks like 2 are filled with white by what I have read its a bacteria infection? just trying to figure out what to do for here all my tests and stat point I should be fine but everything seems to be going wrong wondering if I should break it all down =(

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Gosh, I am sorry you have had such a tough time. Sounds like you have had stability issues, plus maybe not healthy shrimp to start?


I wish I had the answers for you, but I don't have any direct experience with bacterial stuff. If I had to guess, I'd think about removing the cloudy shrimp and treating the main tank. On some color shrimp it seems hard to see if it is bacterial, but the your blues really do look different.

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ive not got the same level of experience as many here but i have to say it looks exactly like an issue i had.

i had a blue cherry with muscular necrosis - caused by stress from suboptimal water conditions. i swear it looked exactly the same as your shrimp does...

said shrimp lasted months after i noticed the white insides.. but never recovered and i eventually euthanised it as a precaution before setting up the tank for a new variety.

this sticky on skf is a fairlu comprehensive list. it includes pictures and may be helpful to you-


love n peace


ps i think muscular necrosis (caused by bad water conditions) would be consistent with your gradual losses of shrimps over time. if i were you personally i would do one huge water change to fix things up in one hit. u could do many small WC but when i tried to fix my issues by constant small WC it stressed out my shrimps more and totally killed off all breeding activity...

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