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WOW Cholla wood


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Theshrimptank.com has awesome customer service (easy return/exchange) and super fast order fulfillment and shipping!

I placed an order, and it shipped out a couple hours later (if that!), and included a freebie packet of snowflake.


I ordered a few different foods to try, but the showstopper is definitely the cholla wood. All I can say is WOW. I got a regular one and a teddy bear piece, and I can't believe how amazing that teddy bear cholla is. Pictures really do not do it justice. It is huge, and really pretty!


I've got it soaking now. Can't wait to get it into my tank.


Thanks, Will!

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I agree Sarah, the Teddy Bear Cholla Wood is Awesome! I have this product in all of my aquariums.

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Thanks guys!  My shrimp really like the teddy bear cholla too, especially the Sulawesi's like to hang out inside of it for cover.

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