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Question? Panda vs Shadow Panda


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I've been trying to find info on TB-Panda vs TB-Shadow Panda, specifically on how to tell them apart while babies/small. I know it seems like it should be easy, with Shadow Pandas having a blue shade in place of white? Is this correct?  


The reason I ask, my mischling tank recently had a baby explosion. While checking on everyone, i've found TONS of baby pandas with a blue shade to them, like 20+. If they are all shadows, GREAT! Couldn't have better news! But I want to make sure i'm calling them by the proper name, should I want to sell/trade them in the future.  


Do "normal" baby Pandas ever display full blue? I'm not talking like a little blue off the black striping, i'm talking full blue color where white should be. Or would the full blue in place of white be only a Shadow Panda trait?


Please weigh in with your thoughts and experience! Thanks!


Here's to hoping I have a tank chock full of Shadow Pandas!

(Anyone want to trade me some Red Pandas for Shadows? =P)

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In short, Pandas are white bodied with black stripes, and Shadow Pandas are blue bodied with black stripes. Sometimes it is harder than the some what straight forward definition as some what we think are pandas are really shadow pandas that are either stressed, malnourished, etc. Ultimately if your trying to decide if your shrimplets are pandas or shadow pandas, give them some time to mature to ensure that coloration enhances. Then when they are juveniles or sub-adults you can make a concise decision if the white has stayed or developed to the blue we know of shadow pandas.

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There is not much pure Panda (pure white/black) in the market.


I believe they all have Shadow gene in it. and offspring shows difference shade of blue.

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My understanding from about a year ago was that in other parts of the world, the shadow panda was considered low quality and the black/white panda high quality.  We were receiving so many of them because they could offload to us. Personally, I like the shadow panda.


Shadow costs more. so it's opposite in Asia.

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