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Taitibee x taitibee

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Ultimately it depends what the TaiTibee your breeding have been crossed with up to this point. CRS/CBS x Tiger or Taiwan Bee x Tiger were initially used to create the Tibee, the Tibee was then crossed with a Taiwan Bee to create our TaiTibee. Then it comes down to what generation TaiTibee do you have or are breeding. If these TaiTibee are of a later generation then your offspring will be TaiTibee, Taiwan Bee, and possible Pinto pattern TaiTibee. If they are an earlier generation you may have more of a diversified offspring. Your chances of getting a CRS, CBS, or Tiger though are very slim to none.

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Pseudo Tibees are usually created with a cross from a Tangerine Tiger x CRS/CBS. Pseudo meaning false, fake, etc. usually pertains to the Tiger, since Tangerine Tigers are Caridina Serrata and do not have the traditional tiger stripe pattern as say an OEBT (Caridina Cantonensis).

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