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From yellow to orange


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Hi shrimp spot!

I was having fun breeding the neo yellow shrimps.F1 gen. shrimplets were colourless,yellow and some ORANGE.so decided to make a separate tank for the orange ones.it is really hard to get these breeds in India so was very excited about them.

There are 6 of them in the new tank now.today I saw a saddled female,hope she molts asap!

They are hiding now,will post some pics once they are out[emoji4]

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They definitely look orange, I really like the coloration too. Curious to know the answer to Soothing's question.

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IMO absolutely remove the more yellow male.  You are working with a bell curve, so the closer you start your breeding, the better your ratio of phenotype.


Don't kill the more yellow male though, because if the orange/yellow one turns out to be not doing the job, you may still have to use the yellow one down the road.

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I would guess the same. Can't tell if that's a saddle or coloration at the top as well.

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The female is carrying eggs.unfortunately the father is the yellowish male.I saw them breeding today morning(when the lights were off) at 10 am and it took total 5hour 30min for the fertilized eggs to travel from saddle to swimmerets.

Female after mating

Her swimmerets became large after mating to hold the eggs.


Female beside her own molt after mating


Finally berried female!



Female fanning her eggs


She is shy now,but will post some more pics later[emoji4]

Have a query now

Should I remove the yellowish male as there is only one saddeled female and the yellow orange(male or female).to know that the yellow orange is a male or not?

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So here's your first crossroad. The smaller your genetics pool, the easier to isolate the trait. The larger the pool, the more diverse your genetics, but the hardier your shrimp from the start. Neither is right, nor wrong. Decide your plan, and then redecide each generation. :)

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