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Green Jades?

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Hi, new to dwarf shrimp and to this forum. I purchased some Jade Greens this summer from 2 different sources and none of them kept their colors - reverted to yellows. I do have offspring from them though and am curious to see how they will turn out.


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This is what they looked like when I first got them:

Green Jade Neo


This is what they looked like after 2 weeks:

Green Jade Neo that turned yellow.


I went back to the lfs where I purchased them and the ones left are even more washed out and pale now. Is this normal for this strain?!


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Great article Pokeshrimp!  I confirmed independently (without knowledge of this article) that the research is sound.


I continued the experiment a bit further though and fed for 3 weeks.  The shrimp did not stay a bluish, but changed to an ugly streaky brown.  Took several months to revert back to yellow.


Keep in mind I fed pure astax, so maybe by portioning it, or just feeding spinach, they would stay at a certain stage of color longer.

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