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You always have the option of using the tank as a scud breeding tank and selling the scuds.  The breed easily.  A hundred of them sell for ~ $15-20 and are used to feed fish.


I hear ya about Ebay though.  For the most part, that's why I like to buy from other hobbyists. :)

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Think im gonna try and transfer the infestation to my 29gal that has a pair of blue rams free food lol and start over.... luckily I have a tan established above it that I was going to put some blue jellies ill just put the fire reds in there

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I have some scuds in all my shrimp tanks .  I have no issues with them but they do eat protein and eat shrimp food.


Fish LOVE them .


Since I do not keep fish with the shrimp , I place a little dish , etc with shrimp food and siphon out scuds .


Mine also came in moss from the pet store but I am to blame for not "disinfecting" the moss prior to placing it in tank .


I used to have them in my 55 before adding shrimp and several days of CO2 killed them.


They breed rather well in filters and colonize driftwood .

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Chibikaie ,

                   Scuds are the easiest live food to culture esp if you could keep them outside (in shade)  , no filter with a piece of driftwood on the bottom ., Fish not only love them but you see it in their color .


I find driftwood (NOT the rock hard Mopani) to be the key as far as heavy breeding, They colonize the driftwood like termites .

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I'm limited to two indoor rooms, unfortunately. I'm hoping to do an aerated container with duckweed and filter media to help with water quality, 1-2 gallons.

PM me if you collect enough to ship, I'll paypal you postage and handling.

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