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Converting my ten gallon tank to a SHRIMP TANK!! Help please


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Hello everyone i am new to this so all input is much appreciated. 


I currently have a ten gallon tank that is cycled and has some paty's, a pleco, and two cory's in it. I'm currently cycling my new 40g breeder and have about a week left then these fish are getting transferred over. Now where i need help is that i don't know if i should tear down my ten gallon and start fresh or keep the tank and just add shrimp. 


Here is some of the info on my ten gallon tank. 

ten gallon

top fin 10 HOB filter (i know it's horrible but it came with it)

eco-complete substrate

some java fern and dwarf hair grass 

malaysian driftwood and a make shift rock cave i made.

50 watt heater

finnex planted plus 24/7 light

ph is always at 7.6 

everything else is at 0 

i don't know what my hardness is yet but i bought a kit and waiting for it to come in the mail.


i plan to add the following

java moss 



ceramic tubes

almond leaves 


thanks in advance for the input can't wait to start!


oh i would like to start with fire red shrimp i heard it's a good beginner shrimp. 

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Yes this setup will work just fine for neocaridina shrimps. I'm guessing you using tap water, right? If you lucky enough you shouldn't have a problem but I strongly advice to switch to remineralised ro water to be safer. A lot of shrimp keepers here including myself had a problem to keeping shrimps in tap water, it can contain some chemicals bad for shrimps and you can't track them with regular water tests.

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I will second Citycode's opinion, however, don't let the use of tap water stop you if you don't have RO water. Give it a try anyway as many people do have success with it. Any of the neos are good to start with so basically browse around and pick your favorite color!

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Sounds good thanks for the reply. This puts my mind at ease with starting. I feel the more I read the more things seemed harder and harder lol. I have a saltwater store down the street I think they can make me some RO water till I can buy my own unit.

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