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Rubbermaid Trash Can Disaster(almost).

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I use two of the expensive 45gal super durable Rubbermaid trash cans as my reservoir I got from Home Depot. These are large square ones you see trash trucks lifting up. I had no reason to go into to the room where my RO unit and storage cans are last night (1am) but for some reason I did and my floor was covered in water.  Now this room is above my painted, dry walled garage and about 3-5 gal of water had dripped down the ceilings electrical socket and light socket into the garage, no damage.  I could hear water running out but couldnt tell which one was leaking due being next to each other and me panicking and freaking out, :startle:  so I drained both cans of perfectly remineralized ro water down the drain. The cans are black so it was hard to see what happened. Took them outside today and could see that the cans have seams in them where Im guessing they melt sections together because the seams are on the outside and inside.  So I filled them up and saw water leaking out one of the cans at the lowest seam near the bottom of the cans. I thought these trash cans where molded from one solid piece. This is not the case.  If I didnt go into the room that would have been an expensive mess.  So I dont trust the one that isnt leaking. Water has way of finding weakness and design flaws.

  Today I went on amazon and ordered two 30gal blue high-density polyethylene lab pack drums designed and UN approved hazmat storage drums that can be used to store, transport, and dispose of small, intact containers of hazardous materials and help contain spills. The drum is made of blue HDPE (high-density polyethylene), which weighs less than steel, is resistant to dents, punctures, and certain chemicals, and may be incinerated. The drum is blow-molded for wall strength and thinness. Ultraviolet (UV) inhibitors minimize fading and discoloring. The lever-lock ring can be used to secure the lid to the drum. Full drums can be stacked up to three high.


Its is also food grade "Our plastic does not have any BPA in it. Our resin is FDA approved and is allowable for drinking water."


I dont think these will leak and they are cheaper ($45) than the rubbermaid and shipping is free.


I learned a very important thing last night, trash cans are for holding trash not water for long periods of time.


 Wife slept through the whole thing and has no idea I was up most of the night. She would have been upset. You cant even tell it happened. Good thing the paint in the garage is a darker color.

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I use BRUTE trash cans. They have worked fantastic so far. Sorry for your disaster, but it could of been worse (thinking positive :D )

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My UN/DOT hazmat approved containers came in today, they are awesome. It could probably support an elephant and weighs 15lbs. I cant believe they are only $45 shipped. They will never leak unless I put a bullet through it. I think the lid might be bullet proof. Will cut some holes in them this weekend for pump and airline.

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I wanted to clarify since I am currently using this:




Is this the container that broke and leaked on you?  If this is it then maybe I need to look into different options.

No. but look down the sides and make sure it has no seams


This is the one I had and leaked near the wheels.



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