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Considering an invertebrate paludarium

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I have an empty 20 gallon long that I have been itching to set up as part land, part water. Are there any semi-aquatic inverts that would appreciate this kind of setup? Perhaps a small type of crab? I'd like to do lots of plants, and add microfauna (springtails and isopods) like in tropical frog setups - just without the frog, since it's not a good tank for most frogs.

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They would be, but I think they would be better off in a larger tank. I really don't feel that they'd have enough room when fully grown. That's actually why I'm thinking of inverts - hoping to come up with a small species. Most of the vertebrates I considered need more room.

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Fire belly toads are easy or if you can keep the tank fairly cool all year long , three lined salamanders which are small and semi aquatic .


Florida newts (peninsula newts ) can go warmer than eastern newts , they will use land/water and you see them more than 3 lined . We used to find them even in summer bit further north in ponds .



If you keep the tank warm the tiny Green house frogs are very interesting but they do like it warm. They are rather vocal for such a tiny frog .




                  When I was in the Army I was at Ft. Sherman Panama for a year and there were mudskippers all over the mangrove swamp but they hate each other and constantly chased each other , think they are territorial . One of the prettiest places I have ever seen .

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