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about bacter ae, beta glucan, shrimp baby?


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What type of filter are you using? Maybe easier to use a syringe to place the powder where you see fit. If you have a sponge or HMF it shouldn't be a problem, but with canister filters it can easily suck up through the outtake fairly quick. As Dukendabears said overdosing of any three could cause this problem.

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I'm switching off my canister filter for about 45min - 1 hour when I feeding powder foods so the powder can settle down on the surface and not sucking into the filter. Am i only one who doing this?

Pretty sure everyone does that.


I wait a good 1-2 hours.

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Yeah, I mix about 1/4 cup tank water with SL Aqua Magic Powder and SL Aqua Baby powder. Then I use a syringe to distribute all over the aquarium.  Since I have an hmf and a canister filter, I leave the canister filter off for several hours.  Seems like everyone gets a good amount.

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