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Sharing fast cycling experience

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Hey all,    I just wanted to share my experience so far with  a new tank cycling.  I have not heard much about "Dr Tims One and Only"   on this forum but I had read about it in other places.


On saturday I set up a new tank. .   Inert sand  Caribsea super naturals. just tap water   temp 80.


On sunday and monday I added the recommended dose of Dr Tims ammonia.    


On tuesday I added one  2 ounce bottle of Dr Tims One and Only.


tested weds  just ammonia


Tested thursday already have Nitrites.      


That is fast!!!    


I will keep you posted as to how quickly the Nitrates come.   and when the cycle finishes.    


I have heard really good things about One and Only but wanted to post a real life review. 



PS.   This is not a seeded tank.  All new sand, filter and filter media.   Former tank o death. 


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