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best filter for 10g tank?

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If for shrimp, a lot of people would probably say stick with sponge filter!

I didn't know that when starting my set up, but I do really love my Aquaclear20. It's easy to upkeep and works like a charm.

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I use the Penguin BioWheel 200 HOB with sponges, mainly because you have extra room for

other filter media with the 200. So you can put in some bio balls if you want, or purgen, or

ceramic media, or a bag of peat pellets or just extra sponge filters behind the regular

Penguin cartridge. I also put a small but larger (lets the water through) piece of filter

right where the water comes out, so that it doesn't make noise and splash. The water still

flows, and biowheel still spins, and it is a quiet as a mouse.

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