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drinking ro water


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Well i bought the 50 gpd pure water ro filter from Amazon thinking we could drink it too,since we've been drinking ro water from the store. But in the q&a paper ot came with it says that "DI water is no good for human drinking; carbon filter must ne added to improve taste." But on the Amazon page i remember it saying that it was made for human consumption. Did i read it wrong and should i not drink this water and just stick to filling up my 5 gallon jugs at the store?

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Drinking RO or destilled water can be extremely dangerous. If you drink too much, the cells in your body will swell. including your neurons (might lead to brain damage) and your red blood cells will burst.

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RO water is OK to drink. It is the same as what you buy in bottles. Some cities run their drinking water through RO membranes to clean it up.


"De-ionized" water is not OK to drink because it is unstable and missing an ion. All it wants to do in this world is get that ion back. If you are running your water through DI Resin after it goes through the RO membrane then you will want to add a small shake of table salt (not so much that you taste the salt) to the glass of water to re-ionize the water. Table salt is an electrolyte and will stabilize the water.


Not adding that bit of salt will force the DI water to stabilize using salt from cells in the lining of your stomach causing cell damage.

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Wow didn't know that. The reviews are telling people it's ok to drink. So if i just disconnect the DI filter part it should be ok to use? And would DI even be safe for the shrimp?

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When you add minerals to the DI water the mineral salts will re-stabilize the water.

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