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Canadian checking in.. :)


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Welcome! What shrimps will you be getting?



That's great!  What shrimp will you be looking at getting?  That will depend on your parameters of your water.




Thanks all - Also, since this is my first tank, I plan to start with some sort of Neo. There is a breeder locally that has YCS at 25 for $20. That sort of intrigued me as I can soon start a colony. However, I was thinking of purchasing some Blue Dream Rili's from a local breeder as well for $3/1. I'm not entirely sure yet! 


My parameters:

7.6 pH

10 dGH

3 dKH

TDS is averaging around 230


I may potentially invest in an RO system in the near future.


Lastly, I plan on adding Tiger Shrimp (probably Galaxy or Tangerine), I was wondering if my parameters were ideal for them to thrive in? I understand Caridina shrimps typically prefer lower pH and softer water, but I have read mixed posts in regards to tiger shrimps.

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